About Us

Charleston Reclaimed LLC

We consider ourselves craftsmen, our craft... salvation.

Charleston Reclaimed was organized as a means to show our appreciation for the past, for the  craftsmen and the legendary lumber that was harvested to build our great city and our great country. Our passion is to seek out old growth beams and timbers from centuries old buildings, then craft them into memorable home decor. The history lesson each piece of wood has to offer is the real artistry. We leave as much of that rich history as we can, it certainly needs to be remembered. 

Sustaining Tradition

The Charleston Reclaimed family is all about sustaining tradition. We grew up in a very special place where good character and fellowship has been at the forefront of our society. Anything we can do as individuals to keep that course is necessary. Teach what you know, help who you can, enjoy what we have



reclaims · reclaimed · reclaimed · reclaiming 

retrieve or recover (something previously lost, given, or paid); 

obtain the return of. 

synonyms: get back · recoup · claim back · recover · regain · retrieve

redeem from a state of vice; reform.



preservation or deliverance from harm, ruin, or loss.

synonyms: lifeline · preservation · conservation · means of escape

  • (one's salvation)a source or means of being saved from harm, ruin, or loss."his only salvation was to outfly the enemy"

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Charleston Reclaimed LLC

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